Spiritual Care

North Bay Recovery Center believes that having a strong, reliable spiritual foundation is essential to recovery. Because addiction to drugs or alcohol is a multifaceted disease, recovery must address the addict's needs with multifaceted therapies. One of these therapies is realizing addiction is a full-blown spiritual emergency and addressing it as such.

We believe the spiritual component is best addressed, not by referring our clients to any particular religion, but to a Spiritual Living lifestyle itself. We define "spiritual" as anything which moves us closer to health in body, mind and spirit. Our goal is to help each resident identify, and put into practice, his own, unique, personal Spiritual Path.

We teach the Twelve Steps as our foundation and supplement our curriculum with "A Guide for Spiritual Living: Hundreds of Suggestions for Finding, Refinding, Refining, Redefining and Reinventing Your Own Personal Spiritual Path". Because this book lists hundreds of suggestions for healthy living, our Clients eventually are able to identify their own personal Spiritual Path. When this is in place, it leads to Spiritual Living, which is being as healthy as possible every day in every way.

Recovery is not a one-step-only affair. It is achieved for the remainder of the addict's life. It is an ongoing process and always remains in process.

One part of our spiritual living curriculum is devoted to music therapy. Each week, a Client will choose a song he played and related to while using. The second is a recovery song. The lyrics to both songs are printed and a copy is given to each class member and the Client explains, often in vivid detail, why he chose the songs. We learn a great deal about our Clients when we see them through the eyes of the music they have chosen.

The class always includes a simple form of meditation that can be easily practiced privately.