Group Therapy Sessions

North Bay Recovery Center Group Therapy Sessions are "open ended", meaning Clients can join a group at any point and can leave when they have completed a 12-week series. Because our group therapy sessions are open-ended, the content of sessions is not dependent on previous sessions. There is sometimes repetition of information among the sessions, which works to help clients with varying degrees of cognitive/short-term memory impairments (which can be common in early recovery) comprehend and retain basic concepts and skills critical to recovery.

Early Recovery Skills Group - teach clients essential skills for establishing abstinence from drugs and alcohol. Two fundamental themes are consistently delivered in these sessions:

  • You can change your behavior in ways that will make it easier to stay abstinent
  • While treatment can be one source of information and support, to fully benefit from treatment, you also need to participate in 12-Step or mutual-help groups

The techniques used in the Early Recovery Skills Group Sessions are behavioral and have a strong, practical “how to” focus.

Relapse Prevention Group - are a central component of the Residential Program.  These sessions are topic-driven forums in which Clients receive and share information about relapse prevention.  Client complete assignments and receive assistance with issues complicating recovery and relapse avoidance.  The Relapse Prevention Group is based on the following premises:

  • Relapse is a process, not an event
  • The process of relapse follows identifiable and predictable patterns
  • With identification and management skills, relapse can be interrupted and avoided

The RP group setting allows Clients heading toward relapse to be redirected, and those on a sound course of recovery to be encouraged. 

Social Support Group - helps clients learn or relearn socialization skills. These groups are lead by a counselor, but occasionally they may be broken into smaller discussion groups led by a Client-facilitator, a Client with a stable recovery who has served as a co-leader and makes a 6-month commitment to assist the counselor. 

Optional Topic Groups - There are several prepared recovery oriented topics which may serve as choice materials for counselors to use with their groups.  The counselor's topics of choice for these groups will be largely determined by the needs of the group.

At North Bay Recovery Center, we believe positive reinforcement during trying times will ultimately breed a positive lifestyle. Hearing about the struggles others have faced and the steps they have taken to overcome them can bring an individual's own particular challenges into focus with a level of clarity perhaps not previously afforded. By fostering this positive communal experience between like-minded people in our controlled and secure environments, we help Clients discover that they have the strength both within themselves and for each other to continue living healthy, happy and clean lives beyond our walls.