Grief & Loss Counseling

The very personal nature of grief results in it manifesting itself in vastly different ways depending on the individual. Oftentimes, substance abuse becomes a means of masking or numbing painful memories. At North Bay Recovery Center, as part of our drug and alcohol treatment programs, we offer grief counseling that aims to identify root causes and allows our clients the opportunity to confront what it is they have been suppressing in a safe and unconditionally supportive environment.

Our San Rafael Addiction Treatment CenterAt North Bay Recovery Center, we want those who are recovering from substance abuse dependency to be able to confront and deal with feelings such as sadness, loss, despair and hopelessness that may rise up as a result of no longer self-medicating with addictive substances, or as a result of no longer having these substances in their lives. We fully understand that such a prospect is often remarkably traumatizing and daunting when forced to face it alone. That is why, as part of our SModel, we offer the safe and supportive havens of our Life Houses where it is okay and encouraged to explore these feelings while under the watchful eyes of our compassionate team.

At North Bay, we want those who are recovering from substance abuse dependency to be able to confront and deal with feelings such as sadness.

North Bay employs an empathetic, trust-based approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction in general, and grief counseling in particular. Our team will aid clients in approaching these strong, often debilitating emotions with clear eyes and a clear mind, while offering unwavering stability and emotional support. During these most trying of times, clients can learn to face these feelings in ways that aren’t reliant on turning to drugs or alcohol. Honest acknowledgment combined with compassionate care is an integral part of our addiction therapy when strong feelings of grief are at the core of one's history with substance abuse.

We also provide support for individuals grieving over the loss of the substance that they were abusing. Oftentimes, it can become so entwined in a client's life it may force a total re-evaluation of the individual’s existence. At North Bay, we understand this, and work tirelessly and with the utmost care and compassion to guide individuals to a point where they realize how much more there is to them than the addictive substance they are in addiction treatment to overcome.

Beyond providing empathy and support, we at North Bay Recovery Center will aid clients in taking the next steps in dealing with their painful emotions constructively and honestly, acknowledging their grief with them and teaching them to process it without the crutch of addictive substances. By doing this, we can help them develop ways to live healthy, substance-free and emotionally stable lives.