Anger Management

Taking the steps involved in properly treating drug and alcohol addiction often brings a myriad of emotions to the surface that were previously repressed and dulled by an individual's substance abuse. Among the most common and powerful of these emotions is anger. At North Bay Recovery Center, we offer substance abuse treatment programs specifically suited to managing this anger in its many forms.

Whether it is anger with oneself for reaching a point where he or she lacks control, anger with the pace of rehabilitation, or anger at no longer having their substance of choice in their life, there are many common and completely understandable manifestations of anger that are felt before or during the addiction treatment process.  At North Bay, our support for our Clients never wavers as they realize that what they are feeling is completely normal and valid, while at the same time also helping them learn how to channel it in ways that are not all-encompassing and self-destructive with a threat of relapse.

North Bay Recovery Center's Individualized Treatment Plans are designed with each specific client in mind. This means that, when treating anger management, we use the core tenets of our S4 model (Safe, Sober, Supported and Supervised) of addiction treatment to create a tranquil and stable environment to explore feelings of anger that may arise in the wake of starting a new treatment program, or previously would arise, leading to a Client’s association with an addictive substance. That said, we also know that no two people are alike, and everyone needs the level of specialized, personalized therapy that MountainView is committed to providing. With a focus on exploring why Clients feel as they do, and by always empathizing, we help them learn to develop patience and compassion for themselves when they feel their previously uncontrollable feelings of anger.

With our philosophy of providing unconditional compassion and support for those battling to rein in such an overpowering emotion such as anger, our trained team of counselors and therapists works tirelessly to build a trusting relationship that leads to breakthroughs regarding the origins of a Client’s anger source. At North Bay, we understand that anger can spiral into further negative emotions such as depression and anxiety, which can ultimately, if left unchecked, lead to relapse. However as with all the forms of specified addiction treatment we offer, we believe anger management treatment administered in a supportive environment by compassionate therapists whom clients trust breeds positive results.

In offering the safety and tranquility of our Life Houses, we afford clients a structured and comfortable environment to practice the management skills that can lead to the constructive release of anger without it taking control and leading down negative paths. Successful, empathetic treatment in a secure environment that results in personal growth and mastery over this previously uncontrollable emotion is a major step in the road to recovery.