Dual Diagnosis and Treatment

At North Bay Recovery Center, we recognize the complex and significant hardships of living life with co-occurring psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. We aim to provide a trust-based and empathetic environment for individuals to simultaneously seek addiction treatment and psychiatric care.  At North Bay, we believe it is imperative that an individual receives comprehensive and caring treatment for both conditions in equal measure, regardless of the order in which the co-ocurring disorder were first experienced.

Comprehensive and personalized addiction treatment is necessary for clients to develop the tools to attain mental stability and control over their addiction. As such, North Bay Recovery Center aims to break the cycle of self-medication through drugs and alcohol as a means of treating their co-ocurring mental illness. We stress the importance of identifying for individuals how addiction and mental illness can overlap, as well as aiding clients with their prescription medications. Our team also guides individuals in the process of maintaining healthy routines involving lifestyle, with the goal of building the kind of strong personal and psychological base that will be paramount in identifying their personal risk factors for relapse.

At North Bay Recovery Center, our S4 model (Safe, Sober, Supported and Supervised) is integral in effectively treating and caring for individuals seeking both psychiatric care and addiction treatment. Individualized Treatment Plans developed by our skilled team of licensed therapists and counselors and tailored to the specific conditions that brought each client to us will allow us to thoroughly assess the best course of action to take regarding dual conditions of addiction and mental illness. Furthermore, the controlled, compassionate, distraction-free environments of our Skill House and Life Houses provide our Clients the opportunity to live in a safe place where they can put the skills they are working on in their treatment plans to practical use before re-entering into society.

We at North Bay understand it is difficult for individuals living with mental illness to identify it and to come to terms with it. This can lead to destructive patterns of substance abuse and drug and alcohol addiction. But the ultimate goal of the North Bay Recovery Center team is to utilize our therapeutic expertise, support and unconditional empathy in treating both the addiction and the illness to allow our clients to break free from destructive cycles. It is through our philosophy of combining structured treatment and focused, individual therapy within a safe environment that we know clients can achieve and maintain a healthy and stable life.