Skill House: A Curriculum for Living Well

North Bay Recovery Center's drug and alcohol treatment program is architected in what we call a "hub and spokes" model. In very simple terms, this means that the physical place where Client's participate in daily treatment is separate and distinct from the personal space in which they eat, sleep and enjoy leisure time. Picturing the spokes on a wheel, the Skill HouseTM is the center or hub of activity and the place where we offer all of the counseling, support groups, life skills courses and other key recovery services. GROUP THERAPY ROOM AT addiction treatment CENTERThere are several Life HousesTM radiating out from this hub. It is also at the Skill House, located at 55 Shaver Street in San Rafael, that the North Bay Management and Addiction Treatment Teams are headquartered.

Each morning, Clients are transported from their Life Houses to the Skill House where they will undergo treatment. At each day's end, they return to their assigned Life House where they can practice their new skills in a practical and real-life environment that better prepares them for reintroduction to reality. Like our Life House, the daily routine at the Skill House operates according to our S4 (Safe, Sober, Supported & Supervised) philosophy. This helps ensure that our Clients are always within a trust-based environment where they can evolve and heal with the right set recovery tools and the structure and discipline critical to achieving long-term sobriety.