Drug Treatment for Men in California

With California ranking in the top ten states in the nation for drug overdose deaths, it is clear that many people in the state need help fighting their substance abuse disorders.[i]  Tragically, many do not receive proper care in time. To confront drug abuse, the best option is rehabilitation in a facility that can offer specialized care. If you or a loved one needs quality drug abuse treatment in California, North Bay Recovery Center Center can help.

North Bay Recovery Center’s Approach

To beat substance abuse disorders, a men need an approach that addresses the physical, social, and psychological causes of drug abuse specific to men. North Bay Recovery Center Center offers the finest California drug treatment program for men available — one that focuses on the root of each client’s unique situation and the issues he faces. Our initial assessment allows our staff to develop a deep understanding of the problems holding a client back from recovery. We use this understanding to create a personalized treatment plan for each male patient. This assessment can be either the first step in one of our residential programs or a standalone evaluation from our experts. For those who decide to stay with us, North Bay Recovery Center offers a  90-day residential program, along with a transitional living program — all of which are tailored to the individual’s needs.

Treating Individuals, Not Addicts

As a leading California drug treatment facility for men, North Bay Recovery Center recognizes that no two men are the same. To reflect this, our treatment ranges from cognitive behavioral therapy, life skills development, and relapse prevention techniques to outdoor therapy. We identify our clients’ specific needs and create the treatment plan that fits them the best. We offer anger management and trauma therapy to help our clients conquer the negative beliefs, thoughts, and experiences that hold them back. By offering a variety of treatments and individualized recovery plans, we strive to accommodate those needs and to hone in on what will help each man the most.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Recover Your Life

No matter how many times you may have tried and failed to make the change your life needs, hope for recovery is still alive. We know that choosing to change your life and fight a substance abuse disorder is never easy, but North Bay Recovery Center is here to help and guide you every step of the way. Our team of professionals can design a plan that works for you and give you the support, encouragement, and environment to make that plan a reality. Don’t let the difficulty of change keep you from living your life like you mean it. With the right treatment, that life is open to you — and you won’t find better drug abuse treatment for men in California than North Bay Recovery Center.