Extended Care (Stage 4)

Like most journeys, the road to recovery is sometimes unpredictable. After Primary Care is completed in our 30 or 90-Day Addiction Treatment Program, Clients will often need additional support before transitioning back to everyday life. North Bay Recovery Center’s Extended Care Program, a non-mandatory yet recommended extension of our 90-Day Program, has been designed to diminish the likelihood of relapse while presenting opportunities for continued personal growth and healing. Our Extended Care Program is referred to as Stage 4.

During Stage 4, the Client will...

  • Learn to verbalize a solid understanding of the disease of addiction (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions) and its potential manifestations
  • Begin individualized assignments and continue to work on underlying issues with a professional therapist
  • Assess all earned freedoms
  • Develop a detailed ongoing recovery plan
  • Participate in fulfilling volunteer work
  • Begin planning for Continued Care (work, volunteer, school, etc.)
  • Develop personal accountability
  • Work on essential, practical life skills in a structured setting
  • Confront and address deeper, more troubling issues, while maintaining gains from treatment

The decision to participate in our Stage 4 Extended Care Program should be made with the assistance of a supportive team of professionals and the encouragement of loved ones, all while reflecting on the life skills one has cultivated while going through 90-Day Primary Care. Brochure about Addiction being a complex brain disease Addiction is a complex brain disease, and relapse is an all-too common experience for those in all stages of recovery. North Bay Recovery Center's Extended Care Program is available for those who are seeking additional fortification against the challenges of long-term recovery along with added assistance breaking the cycle of addiction.