Fees & Payment Options

Please note that we are unable to accept Medicare, Medicaid or Medi-Cal coverage

Primary Recovery Program

We offer a payment plan option as well as a 5% discount for full payment upon admission. An invoice will be mailed ten days prior to the due date of each payment. The Client is solely responsible for filing with his insurance company. Please call 800-617-5312 for current rates.

download our addiction rehab brochureAncillary Fund Requirements

An Ancillary fund is a separate account set up for each North Bay Recovery Center Client. The ancillary fund account covers personal expenses not included in drug and alcohol treatment fees. Clients are not permitted to carry cash during the first 30-Days of the treatment program. Should a Client desire or require something extra in the 90-Day Primary Treatment Program, we will take them shopping and charge purchases back to their ancillary fund account. All personal spending money is deducted from the Client's ancillary account as well as but not limited to, medical services, laboratory tests and/or medications and psychiatric consultations (refer to financial agreement). If the Client requires additional money for items such as haircuts, clothes, toiletries, etc., we will contact the financially responsible party for approval prior to approving the request.

Clients are given an allowance of $50 a week from their ancillary account for spending money starting in Stage 2 of our 90-Day Recovery Program.

Examples of items covered by the ancillary fund:

  • Medications
  • Weekly allowance
  • Activity fees
  • Outside doctor appointments
  • Clothing
  • Additional therapy sessions
  • Haircuts/Grooming
  • Medical services
  • Laboratory testing
  • Detoxification fees