Extended Care, An Invaluable Recovery Option

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Quinn Dentler, Extended Care Care Manager

Throughout my own personal recovery process, I’ve completed multiple treatment episodes at both short-term and longer-term facilities. I’ve experienced the short-term “spin dry” treatment method a couple times where my transition back into the stream of life was an abrupt and difficult process. My connection with each treatment community was what instilled hope that I may be able to maintain sobriety. However, I was never able to gain the necessary self-discipline, or tools, in a short amount of time to stay on course. I also watched my peers struggle with similar issues, always opting for shorter term treatment stays, and finding it harder to navigate the aftercare experience. From my perspective, it felt comparable to watching a revolving door of countless people who simply were not given enough time to do the real work; the type of work required for treatment to be effective. 

Eventually, I was given the opportunity to attend North Bay Recovery Center’s extended care program which was another 90 days on top of the primary 90 days I had already completed. During my initial stay in primary care, I was given the opportunity to build a relationship with my individual therapist, becoming comfortable within this treatment community, which extended to both my peers and staff members. This support network gave me a hold on life that I had only felt intermittently in the past, but it was the decision to extend my treatment that played a huge role in solidifying my chances at recovery.

This next phase in treatment began with a pre-established relationship with my primary therapist and a genuine connection to the recovery community. This provided me with the opportunity to learn how to make healthy choices, while continuing to work side by side with my clinical support team, who whole-heartedly supported me throughout the process. Extending my treatment also gave me access to a case manager, who helped me learn new patterns of behavior as I reintegrated myself into the community. The case manager and clinical team not only guided me toward these new lifeskills, but they also served as a needed push toward connecting both my physical and emotional sobriety.

The tools I gained through the first 6-9 months of my recovery process has carried me to this point. I have been clean and sober for five years and have been given the opportunity to step into a management role overlooking the extended care program here at North Bay Recovery Center. Over the last two years, I’ve worked with countless men, ranging from the detox process to aftercare planning. While our 30 and 90-day primary care programs are imperative for clients to begin addressing and working through many complex issues, the continuity of care that happens in the next phase of treatment, is a deciding factor in maintaining their recovery. Our individualized treatment model is designed with success in mind. Continuing the necessary therapeutic work within a familiar and loving environment ensures a bright (and sober) future for both myself and each client who comes through the doors of North Bay Recovery Center.