Individualized Substance Abuse Treatment for Young Men

No two people have the same addiction history or will face the same set of challenges while becoming clean and sober. Consequently, the methods by which each person achieves sobriety are unique. With this in mind, North Bay Recovery Center addresses the unique needs and circumstances of each individual Client suffering from alcohol and drug dependency. This approach to addiction treatment necessitates a clear understanding of the entire person, informed by their psychological, psychosocial, emotional, personal, medical, spiritual and family background. button to download our addiction rehab brochureOnce this understanding is accomplished, an Individualized Treatment Plan is crafted which includes:

  • A holistic assessment of the Client's particular addiction recovery needs
  • A comprehensive plan of action that targets the primary addiction, multiple addictions or a co-occuring disorder, oftentimes referred to as a dual diagnosis
  • Employment of a variety of traditional and alternative healing methods, which integrate the care of the body, mind and spirit
  • Addressing all core issues and the barriers to achieving short and long-term sobriety
  • Strategies for treating "process addictions", such as sex, relationships, gambling, etc. that may surface once a Client’s primary addiction is under control