Client Testimonials

North Bay Recovery Center has been a significant player in the life our son from the initial phone call to his 7-month stay in their program. They supplied moral support, key information about the disease of addiction, family support services, a rigorous learning environment for our son and a safe and secure home for him.

All the staff supported him through his time in the program while still holding him to a high standard of behavior. He relearned basic life skills such as making his bed and cleaning up after himself, as well as having daily work responsibilities such as cleaning the kitchen after breakfast.

North Bay helped our son establish a network of connections through AA and NA meetings. And they helped him structure sober activities with other recovering addicts throughout the week.

The reality of addiction is not a happy world. It is a world where the addicts have to learn to be accountable for their actions and behaviors and to earn the respect and trust of those around them through hard work. North Bay can provide that environment for each and every client, but at the end of the day is up to the addict to make those changes that will move them into a successful life path. North Bay broke the cycle of addiction for our son and helped him to recognize what his addiction was really about and how much help he needed to manage it. For that we are forever thankful to the staff of NBR.

– The Parents of a former client

North Bay Recovery Center was there for our family when we had no idea where to turn and needed help for our son. We found a caring and capable staff of professionals and recovering addicts all dedicated to helping young men find a life of sobriety and take a new direction in their lives. Their holistic approach seems to work as it addresses the multifaceted nature of addiction and provides an environment for reflection, learning and building of life skills. My son’s journey is by no means complete, but he doing really well thanks to the staff and approach of North Bay.

- AJ, Father of a former client

The most frightening moment of my life was when I had to come to terms with my son’s addiction. Having zero experience in dealing with this type of situation, I felt hopeless and a failure as a mother. I am so grateful that during those frightening days my son chose to participate in the North Bay Recovery program. The staff was incredibly knowledgeable, available, helpful, non-judgmental and exceptionally kind. However, and more importantly, they provided exceptional and compassionate care for my son during his recovery process.

As a family, we are taking life one day at a time and we are so proud of our son’s progress. We are so happy we found North Bay Recovery Center! 

- Susan, Mother of a former client