Alcohol & Drug Rehab at North Bay: An Overview

North Bay Recovery Center is an innovative San Francisco Bay Area drug and alcohol addiction treatment facility for men. Located in San Rafael, California, part of Marin County, our addiction treatment center provides "full-immersion" treatment for Clients at every stage of recovery from drug abuse and alcoholism. download north bay recovery center brochureWe understand that when treatment is not successful, faith is broken and hope fades. It is this understanding that has motivated us to create truly unique and effective programs for treating drug and alcohol addiction. In fact, we believe that North Bay Recovery Center provides a more evolved, highly pragmatic, and holistic drug and alcohol treatment program for men with substance abuse problems and co-occuring disorders than any other treatment center in the U.S.

Our S4 Model...At the heart of all we do is what we call our "S4 Model".  We are committed to providing our Clients a Safe, Sober, Supported and Supervised environment where they can evolve and heal with with the right tools, structure and discipline required to achieve success.

North Bay Recovery Center offers:

  • Multi-staged strategies where Clients are given the right level of structure, limits and liberties according to their level of addiction, preparedness and maturity
  • Pragmatic tools for building accountable and functional people in the real world outside of treatment
  • Comprehensive experiential therapies that assist in understanding the complex factors that contribute to addictive behaviors
  • Healthy, effective strategies that allow clients to apply and practice what they have learned
  • An all-male setting where men can recover and readjust in a safe and distraction-free environment
  • A clinically-driven, social-model atmosphere
  • Treatment based on the latest clinical approaches
  • Immersion in and mastery of a recovery oriented life supported by programs such as 12-step recovery programs
  • Individualized addiction treatment for heroin addiction, meth addiction, oxy addiction and other forms of substance abuse
  • Extended Care and Continuing Care
  • Detox as needed

THE HUB AND SOKES DRUG REHAB MODELOur programs are designed in what we call a "hub and spokes" model, with a Skill House in the middle and Life Houses in the surrounding area.

The Skill House is where we offer all of the counseling, support groups, life skills courses and other recovery curricula. The participant then returns to this assigned Life House where he can practice his new skills in a practical living environment designed to better prepares him for reintroduction into everyday life.

Clients also take advantage of our comprehensive dual diagnosis treatment program so that other mental or emotional issues can be treated concurrently. Drug and alcohol addiction treatment at North Bay is overseen by Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Psychiatrists, Doctors, Therapists, MFT’s, Case Managers, RNs, Family Counselors and others.  They all work together as an interdisciplinary team to review and update treatment plans on a continuing basis.