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California Drug Rehab at North Bay Recovery Center

If you or a loved one are considering drug rehab in California, you are not alone. Drug abuse in California is a serious issue, with the state ranking tenth highest nationally for drug overdose deaths.[i]  Prescription drug abuse is common nationally, and California is no exception. On average, one Californian per day died from overdosing on prescription opioids in 2014.[ii] Heroin use is also on the rise in California, with many finding easier access to the drug due to low-cost variants coming into the state from across the border.[iii] These statistics indicate serious epidemics, yet many people still do not get the help they need via drug rehab.

California Substance Abuse and Proper Treatment

Recovery from drug abuse can be extremely difficult, especially without a proper support network and professional treatment. While one may think they can kick their drug habit through force of will alone, professional help is the only way a person can be sure they are receiving the correct treatment for them as an individual—through therapy, medication, and the development of a healthy lifestyle backed by supportive peers and experts. As a leading California drug rehab facility for men, North Bay Recovery Center can provide its clients with the tools they need to take back their lives.

Personalized Care for Men at North Bay

No two clients face the same issues, and treatment plans should reflect that. With our initial assessment, we hone in on the specific problems that stand in the way of your recovery. By identifying the roadblocks faced by each individual, we can create a roadmap for recovery that is tailored to the needs of each client. The team at North Bay Recovery Center understands that not everyone is an addict and that the severity of substance abuse disorder varies on a case-by-case basis. We are dedicated to finding the root of our client’s issues and helping them to change their lives for the better—not in labelling or judging them as an “addict.” This kind of personalized care marks North Bay Recovery Center as the finest in California drug rehab.

Choose to Change Today with North Bay Recovery Center

Addiction and abuse—whether of prescription drugs, alcohol, or illegal narcotics—can ruin lives and lead to tragedies that could be prevented with the right approach. Pursuing proper treatment through a quality drug rehabilitation center is one of the most effective ways to fight drug abuse and recover one’s life.[iv] North Bay Recovery Center offers a safe, secure environment for men looking to learn how to overcome their drug and alcohol habits. With individualized care using a variety of treatments, we will help you remove whatever obstacles are in between you and a healthy, drug-free life. North Bay Recovery Center is committed to helping you or your loved one on the road to recovery. Choose to recover your life today with North Bay Recovery Center.